Hydro Gulf Airconditioning continuously seeks advancement and innovation to provide the best Quality of Duct Cleaning and AC Maintenance at an affordable price and achieving the same within the committed duration of the activities.

We dedicate and combine our facilities, expertise and knowledge for meeting and exceeding the Customer’s needs and expectations in every activity carried out in the Project.

We strive to continually improve in all aspects of our Management System and comply with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements.


Hydro Gulf Airconditioning is dedicated to ensure that the safety, health and environmental aspects are considered a prime important responsibility of its Employees.


  • It is made mandatory that each and every Employee of Hydro Gulf undergoes our in-house safety, firefighting and environmental protection classes including First-Aid Procedures in case of Emergencies.
  • Hydro Gulf has well trained Supervisors to carry out close monitoring while undertaking risky activities and ensuring that the same takes place with the necessary precautions and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All Tools and Equipment are properly calibrated  periodically and maintained as per Manufacturer's recommendations to ensure smooth operation of Activities.



Our Environmental Policy includes,

  • Energy Conservation (Water and Electricity).
  • Safe Disposal of Hazardous Material (Mould, Debris, Oil, Dirty Water Disposal).
  • Noise Pollution Consideration and Reduction.
  • Land Pollution Consideration and Restriction.