HydroGulf offers specialist AC Duct Cleaning services for Commercial, Hospitals and Residential facilities across UAE.

Our Hygiene Services are unique from others because:

  • Each team is headed by a HVAC Engineer with over 10 years of Field Experience.
  • We do not 'Clean' the ducts, We 'Decontaminate' it.
  • We take utmost precaution to your property and make sure all valuables, carpets, upholstery and furniture are protected prior to work commencement.
  • We use the latest American Technology with Specialist Cleaning Equipment such as Negative Pressure Dust Collection Systems and Whipping/Agitation Equipment coupled with Air Compression Machines. This makes sure that an efficient removal, collection and enviro-friendly disposal of Debris, Fungus and Molds occurs for your AC Duct System.
  • Duct Disinfection is carried out using specialized EPA approved Chemicals to make sure non-recurrence of Molds/Fungal matter for a period of 24 Months from the date of Cleaning
  • 'Before' and 'After' Cleaning Report shall be provided in an Electronic Format to the Client.
  • We guarantee to clean the entire length of Duct work without leaving a Sq.Inch of Duct unclean.
  • An Indoor Air Quality Report with Microbial Data can be provided from a Third Party Laboratory at an additional nominal fee.

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Apart from serving private residential tenants, our Corporate Clientele includes :